The Company produces 24,000 metric tons of 70-75 Grade Ferro silicon per annum. The product is then exported to various steel plants in India, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, England and Poland. The Company also manufactures 6,400 metric tons of Silica Fume as a ‘by product’ which is exported to consumers in India and Bhutan.

Ferro Silicon Specification


Si: 70-75%
Al : 1.5% max
P: 0.05% max
S: 0.05% max
C : 0.15% max



Quality, without a doubt, is of the utmost concern to us at DRUK WANG. We commit ourselves to achieving the highest standard of customer satisfaction through business excellence encapsulated by the principles of

  • Quality Standard
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Communication

The plant and machinery have been selected so as to ensure a high level of quality of the finished product. The finest raw materials are used and the entire production process is controlled to achieve the best results. A well equipped laboratory with experienced Chemists make sure that each and every product that leaves the plant is of the standard that exceeds the quality expectations of our clients.



The final product is sized and packed in 40 kg jute bags with inner liner-bags or in 1MT HDPE bags. The sizes can be produced according to the customer’s requirement.